Experienced Disability and Benefits Attorneys

ERISA and benefits law are complex areas of the law. At EMP Law, we focus on representing individuals who have been denied long-term disability and other benefits provided under group or individual benefits plans or insurance policies.

Disability and Benefits Law Attorneys

  • Robert M. Elliot

Areas of Practice

Our experience handling complicated ERISA and insurance cases across federal and state courts, includes:

  • Long Term Disability (LTD) Claims
  • Retirement and Pension Claims
  • Healthcare and Medical Benefits Claims
  • Severance Claims
  • Bad Faith Claims

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Disability and Benefits Law Questionnaire

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When should you be represented by an attorney?

Can you bring a lawsuit if the administrator ultimately denies your claim?

What should you do during and after the processing of your claim?

What are the rules concerning disability plans?

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What is ERISA?