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Disability and Benefits Law

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ERISA and benefits law are complex areas of the law. At EMP Law, we focus on representing individuals who have been denied long-term disability and other benefits provided under group or individual benefits plans or insurance policies.

Disability and Benefits Law Attorneys

Areas of Practice

Our experience handling complicated ERISA and insurance cases across federal and state courts, includes:


Long Term Disability (LTD) Claims


Retirement and Pension Claims


Healthcare and Medical Benefits Claims


Severance Claims


Bad Faith Claims

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What can EMP Law do for you if your claim has been denied?

Elliot Morgan Parsonage (EMP) has attorneys who have years of experience in litigating all types of ERISA claims. Their experience includes the following:

• EMP has handled numerous LTD claims and recovered substantial benefits for disabled employees, both in the administrative process and in court. EPM enjoys a very high success rate in this regard. Among many successes, EMP has assisted clients obtain previously denied benefits and future benefits who have disabilities such as: multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, cancer, failed back syndrome and mental illnesses.

• EMP has won an award of over $600,000 in benefits, fees and costs for a former executive against a large company for its wrongful denial of severance and retirement benefits after a trial on the merits in the United States District Court.

• EMP is pursuing a class action against a large corporation for the fiduciary’s action in divesting its 401(k) plan of stock at a substantial loss to the participants of the plan.

• EMP has obtained needed medical treatment for participants of healthcare plans.

What are other typical group benefits provided by an employer?

Other common ERISA group benefits include:

  • Healthcare benefits (including medical, hospitalization, prescription and dental coverage);
  • Pension or retirement benefits;
  • Severance pay in the event of the termination of employment;
  • Life insurance
When should you be represented by an attorney?

ERISA is a complex and confusing body of law. Most company administrators are well-trained in the law, and know how to use ERISA to their advantage. As pointed out above, a claim can be lost if deadlines are not met, if the administrative review is not exhausted, or if all pertinent evidence is not submitted during the administrative process. Thus, it is critical that you obtain representation as early as possible in the administrative process in order to maximize your chances of recovering benefits and to increase the likelihood of gaining reversal of a wrongful denial if legal action becomes necessary.

Can you bring a lawsuit if the administrator ultimately denies your claim?
What should you do during and after the processing of your claim?
What are the rules concerning disability plans?
What is an employee benefit plan under ERISA?
What is ERISA?

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