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Helen Parsonage

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Winston-Salem attorney Helen Parsonage was recently certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a specialist in State and Federal Criminal Law. Ms. Parsonage, a partner in the Winston-Salem firm of Elliot Morgan Parsonage, concentrates her legal practice in the areas of immigration and criminal defense.

Ms. Parsonage was first certified as an Immigration Law Specialist in 2013 and is the only attorney in North Carolina to hold dual certifications in Immigration and Criminal Law. She is often invited to speak at seminars on the intersection of the two areas. The North Carolina State Bar, an agency of the State of North Carolina, certifies lawyers as specialists in designated practice areas as a service to the public. The program assists members of the public in the selection of legal counsel by identifying lawyers who have demonstrated special knowledge, skill, and proficiency in certain areas of law. The program also gives lawyers a credible way of making their expertise known to the public and other lawyers.

To be certified as a specialist in a practice area, a lawyer must

  • Be an active member in good standing with the North Carolina State Bar for at least five years,
  • Devote at least 25% of his or her practice to the specialty during the past five years (substantial involvement),
  • Attend continuing legal education (CLE) seminars in the specialty,
  • Be favorably evaluated by other lawyers and judges (peer review), and
  • Pass a written examination in the specialty practice area.

Certification is granted for a period of five years. To be recertified, a lawyer must again demonstrate that he or she is substantially involved in the practice area; attend CLE seminars in the practice area; and be favorably evaluated by peers.

For more information about the North Carolina Legal Specialization program, and to view a list of legal specialists by practice area, please visit the Legal Specialization website at www.nclawspecialists.com, or call the State Bar at 919.828.4620.

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Helen represents clients facing criminal charges in both state and federal court. She is a member of the Criminal Justice Act panel of attorneys in the Middle District of North Carolina, and is admitted to practice before the Eastern, Middle and Western District Federal Courts as well as the Fourth and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeal.

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