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What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

Immigration lawyers help with the legal aspects of gaining legal status in the United States.

Their job is to interpret U.S. immigration laws and apply them to your situation. An immigration attorney will explain your rights and develop a strategy to achieve the result you want. Whether you only want to remain in the U.S. for a few years or become a naturalized citizen, an immigration attorney can help you understand what hurdles you have to jump to make your desires a reality.

Immigration lawyers typically prepare the paperwork necessary to initiate the process of getting you the immigration status you need. They help collect and organize the evidence you need to present to the U.S. government, and they help ensure that what you provide is correct and concise. An immigration attorney can also help prepare you for interviews and questioning that may be necessary as part of your immigration process.

What’s most valuable about an immigration lawyer is that they can anticipate what is coming next. Whether it be the questions you’ll be asked at an interview or the next phase in the process, an experienced immigration attorney in Charlotte can prepare you for what lies ahead.

How Can an Immigration Attorney in Charlotte, NC Help You?

The cost of immigration proceedings is high, and hiring an immigration lawyer adds to that amount. But having legal representation can spare you from unnecessary delays and very costly mistakes. Let’s look at the importance of hiring a Charlotte immigration lawyer.

Explain the Process

The U.S. immigration legal system is complex and full of nuances. Immigration laws and processes continue to evolve, so you need someone to stay on top of these changes. While you can pour through the endless resources online, an attorney can explain the process much quicker and much more accurately. An immigration lawyer will take the guesswork out of your case. 

They also know what to expect. They know what forms you need, what information you must provide, and what obstacles you may encounter along the way. Immigration lawyers can give you realistic expectations and offer you a higher probability of success. 

Save Time and Reduce Risks

Going through any type of immigration process involves extensive paperwork and firm deadlines. Application mistakes or lack of evidence can be costly and cause avoidable delays. These mishaps lead to a denial of immigration status, or even worse, mistakes can lead to deportation proceedings. A Charlotte immigration lawyer can save you time and money and reduce the risk of harsh consequences for you or a loved one.

Immigration attorneys have the knowledge, skill, and training to properly complete your paperwork. This will save you the headache and confusion of figuring out what information you need and where to record it. 

Why Choose EMP Law?

At EMP law, our clients are our top priority. We understand that no two immigration issues are the same. Each person has a unique set of circumstances, which is why we give our clients individual attention and provide custom solutions.

Our bilingual Charlotte immigration lawyers are incredibly detail-oriented and use their resources and knowledge to bring you results. 

They have experience representing clients before the following:

We can also assist with a variety of family based immigration cases such as Marriage-Based Cases (I-130 and/or Adjustment of Status) and Fiancé Visas (K-1). 

Other immigration issues we assist with are:

  • Naturalization,
  • Asylum,
  • U Visas
  • T Visas
  • VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) 
  • SIJS (Special Immigrant Juvenile Status)
  • Appeals,
  • Deportation defense, and
  • Immigration consequences of criminal charges and convictions.

If you don’t see your matter listed, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your case.

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