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At EMP Law, we strive to maximize your recovery from serious personal injury or wrongful death. We’ve developed an excellent reputation as successful trial lawyers with advanced litigation skills. We’ll take complex or disputed cases to trial and appeal or conclude your case through an out-of-court settlement.

Areas of Practice

At EMP Law, we handle a variety of serious personal injury cases, including:


Motor Vehicle Accidents


Trucking Company Claims


Falling Merchandise Cases


Premises Liability


Products Liability (Defective Products)


Wrongful Death


Professional Negligence


Sexual Harassment

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How do I decide whether to settle or try my case?

The decision whether to settle or to try your case is yours. However, before you make your decision, we will outline the pros and cons of each option for you. Your decision will be based upon the best information we can obtain relating to the value of your case.

Who pays for out of pocket expenses while my case is pending?

Out of pocket expenses are ultimately a client’s responsibility. While a case is pending, we will usually advance expenses incurred during our representation. These costs will be paid out of the recovery or at the conclusion of the case. These costs may include charges for medical records, long distance telephone calls, travel, court reporter fees and expert witness fees.

Will I have to pay any money to get started?

 We handle personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis. Generally, our attorney fee will be one-third of the recovery we are able to obtain on your behalf, although other arrangements are possible. We do not require a “retainer fee” in personal injury cases.

What can I expect from my first appointment with your firm?

At Elliot Morgan Parsonage, you will find our staff to be courteous and professional. Visiting a law firm for the first time can be an anxious experience, and we will do our best to make you comfortable. We will block out plenty of time to meet with you to discuss your situation. It is always helpful if you bring whatever paperwork you may have concerning your claim to the initial consultation. There will be no charge for this initial consultation.

What should I look for in selecting a lawyer to represent me?

Before hiring a lawyer, you should learn all you can about the firms you are considering. Ask for information about the lawyer’s education, training and experience, and ask the lawyer to tell you about his or her experience dealing with cases similar to yours. Ask the lawyer to go over the fee contract with you in detail, and be sure you understand how you will pay the lawyer’s fee and costs at the end of the case. Ask about the possible adverse consequences if your case is lost. Ask if your lawyer intends to handle your case alone, and if you are told that other lawyers outside the firm will be asked to assist, find out what the fee arrangements will be with those lawyers.

Should I get an attorney?

An injured person’s rights are determined by the applicable statutes, both federal and state, regulations, ordinances and legal precedents. The law also governs the admissibility of evidence at trial, the legal procedures necessary to assert your claim, and the time period during which you must institute a claim. In some situations, this time period may be relatively brief. As such, the law can present a complex web that may trap the unwary.

At Elliot Morgan Parsonage, your initial consultation is free. You will speak with an attorney about your case. At the conclusion of the conference, the attorney will then provide you with some options for your consideration. If you wish to hire our firm to represent you, you will not be required to pay any money for the time the attorneys work on your case unless and until you have been compensated for your injury. If there is no recovery, then there is no attorney fee.

Should I submit my medical bills to my insurance company?

In North Carolina, a person injured by another person’s carelessness may recover all medical bills reasonably related to his injury, including those expenses paid by the injured party’s own health insurance. Therefore, you should submit your bills to your own insurance carrier to be sure that your health care providers are paid promptly. If you have expenses that are not covered by your insurance, and you are unable to pay these expenses, many health care providers will agree to wait for payment until your claim is resolved. Our firm can assist you in reaching such an agreement with your providers.

Should I keep a diary?

Over time, many people tend to forget the problems they suffer as a result of an accident. You should begin keeping a diary as soon as possible after the accident so that you will be able to describe your ordeal in detail during trial or settlement negotiations. Describe your pain and discomfort and explain how your injuries have affected your job performance and your day to day activities. Keep track of your doctor appointments and other treatment necessary to help you recover from your injuries, such as physical therapy.

What should I do in the event of an accident? Should I talk about the accident?

In many cases, shortly after the accident, the injured person will be contacted by a representative of the other party’s insurance company. You may be asked to provide a statement or to fill out a report so that the insurance company can “carefully consider your claim” or “so it can be quickly resolved.” Remember, the insurance company represents the interest of the other party to the accident and is primarily concerned with minimizing its “pay out.” Any statement or information provided by you concerning the facts of the accident or your injuries may be used in court.

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