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“Over the years, if a person made a mistake on the paperwork or they didn’t provide everything that CIS was looking for, they would get a letter in the mail called a request for evidence,” says Helen Parsonage, an immigration attorney in North Carolina. This request would list some questions, or identify a document that was missing and give the applicant some time (typically 30 days) to fix their mistake. “Now, this memo is saying that USCIS doesn’t need to do that, that if there is a piece of information missing, the officer can now straight out deny,” without providing an opportunity to the applicant to correct a potentially innocent mistake.

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Helen represents clients facing criminal charges in both state and federal court. She is a member of the Criminal Justice Act panel of attorneys in the Middle District of North Carolina, and is admitted to practice before the Eastern, Middle and Western District Federal Courts as well as the Fourth and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeal.

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