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When you’ve been injured in a North Carolina workplace accident and are receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you probably have questions.

At the top of your list of questions might be, Can I get another job while on workers’ comp? The short answer is yes. But you’ll want to evaluate how it may impact your workers’ compensation benefits before taking the position. 

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Our experienced North Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys can address all your workers’ compensation questions and claim issues. 

Workers’ Comp Benefits

We understand that your workers’ compensation benefits may be an important source of income. You may rely on this compensation while you recover from your workplace injury. 

Your benefits may cover the following:

  • Medical expenses, 
  • Up to two-thirds of your average wages received each week, and
  • Physical disabilities that prevent you from working temporarily or permanently

North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system aims to ensure you receive good health care so you’re restored to health as much as possible. This allows you to work as you did before the injury. 

Workers’ compensation does not prevent you from looking for a job or working. But if you successfully navigated the process to receive workers’ comp benefits, you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your benefits without understanding the consequences.

Knowing what could happen to your benefits if you interview, apply, or begin working another job can save you from an unpleasant surprise down the road. 

Can I Apply for Another Job While on Workers’ Comp?

You can apply for another job while receiving worker’s compensation. North Carolina’s workers’ compensation laws do not prevent you from applying for another job while on workers’ comp. However, getting hired and starting a job may affect the benefits you are entitled to. 

Can I Interview While on Workers’ Compensation?

You sure can. After an injury, your return to “suitable employment” is the goal. As such, you can apply for and interview for another job while receiving workers’ compensation benefits. 

However, if you receive a job offer and begin working while on workers’ compensation, it could impact your ability to receive certain workers’ compensation payments. For example, suppose you interview for another job, are offered the position, and begin working. Starting a new job could reduce or eliminate your lost wage compensation, but you may be able to continue receiving medical benefits. 

Can You Work Somewhere Else While on Workers’ Compensation?

You can change jobs while on workers’ compensation. But any full-time or part-time job can impact your weekly benefit amount. So can you work another job while on workers’ comp and continue receiving benefits? It depends on your situation and what you’re receiving benefits for.

The North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) states that workers can continue receiving weekly benefits for lost wages until they can return to work. By starting another position, the North Carolina Industrial Commission may determine that your condition no longer prevents you from working.

And as previously discussed, this determination may cause the NCIC to revoke your lost wage benefits. The two separate components of workers’ comp benefits are medical and disability. Each may be affected differently. 

In some circumstances, you might find this acceptable. However, it’s best to fully understand the ramifications before accepting any new position. 

Discuss Your Situation with An Attorney

Navigating the workers’ compensation system can be challenging. Understanding how applying, interviewing, or changing jobs can impact your circumstances is critical. And while they might mean well, discussing the issue with a friend or family member can leave you with misinformation.

The last thing you want is to run into a legal issue that could lead to losing your benefits or committing workers’ comp fraud. Discussing your situation with an experienced North Carolina workers’ compensation attorney will help you determine how working while on workers’ compensation could impact your benefits. 

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