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how to find a good immigration lawyer

Choosing a lawyer to assist you in a legal matter can be daunting. However, finding and selecting the right lawyer to assist you with immigration issues is imperative.

If you have an immigration issue and are wondering how to find the best immigration lawyer, you have come to the right place.

skilled immigration attorney can make all the difference in achieving a successful outcome for your case.

Finding strong legal representation is vital when you are seeking citizenship or family reunification, facing deportation, or are dealing with any other type of immigration matter. There are a few ways to help ensure you find the best North Carolina immigration lawyer to handle your case.

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Ask Friends and Family for a Referral

As with many other types of services, sometimes the best professional recommendations come from the people closest to you. Perhaps you have family members or friends who have gone through an immigration case and had a favorable outcome and fantastic experience with their attorney.

When looking for the best immigration law firms, draw on the resources closest to you. Seeking a referral from family or friends can also help identify attorneys to avoid. Your loved ones may be able to provide invaluable information regarding the best immigration attorney in your area.

Contact a Bar Association

If you are wondering how to find a good immigration lawyer, contacting an attorney bar association can provide helpful information. Lawyers often join bar associations as a way to sign onto referral lists.

Federal, state, and local bar associations can help you get referred to an immigration attorney who focuses on your area of need. One of the most well-known associations is the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

AILA may be able to steer you in the direction of an immigration lawyer who focuses on the type of matter you are dealing with. AILA can also help you find local immigration lawyers near you. 

Research Potential Candidates Online

As is true of most businesses in 2022, lawyers usually have an online presence.

Researching an individual attorney or law firm online can provide insight into their achievements, the types of cases they handle, success stories, and client reviews. While relying solely on online reviews is not recommended, reviews can narrow your search and provide useful information about how an attorney handles matters and treats clients.

Interview Prospective Attorneys

In searching for the best immigration attorney, you should narrow your list to top contenders and then schedule consultations with them.

People often think the purpose of an initial consultation is for the attorney to learn about the client. While that is true, it is also an opportunity for you to get to know the attorney and better understand who they are professionally.

After an initial meeting, you will probably know if an attorney is the right attorney for you.

Ask About Availability

Immigration cases are often fluid and evolving. Anything can arise at a moment’s notice. When choosing the right attorney for you, it is a good idea to inquire about their caseload to ensure they have enough time to dedicate to you. 

What to Avoid

While searching for a great immigration attorney, there are two crucial things to avoid: non-attorney service providers and lawyers who directly solicit you for business.

In your quest for immigration assistance, it is not uncommon to come across agencies or individuals that are not licensed attorneys but offer to help you anyway. When dealing with U.S. immigration law matters, it is critical that you have a licensed attorney working with you. 

Also, keep an eye out for soliciting attorneys. These attorneys typically hang around the courthouse or hire other individuals to do so on their behalf. A professional, experienced attorney will not need to solicit potential clients this way. If an attorney or their representative is directly soliciting you for business, that should be a red flag, and you should look for a more qualified attorney.

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