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EMP has handled many cases for people who were deprived of their civil rights in a number of situations at either federal or state levels. We are committed to protecting and preserving your rights under both the U.S. and North Carolina constitutions, including the most common forms of civil rights actions, such as:

  • First Amendment claims of public employees who have been terminated or otherwise subjected to adverse employment action because of their exercise of their rights to free speech
  • Fourth Amendment claims of individuals who have been injured by police officers or others who have applied excessive and unreasonable force in violation of the individuals’ rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.

If you wish to have a consultation concerning a potential civil rights violation, please complete the Civil Rights Questionnaire on this site, or contact us.

EMP has litigated Constitutional cases including the following:

  • The firm won an appeal, and settled a case against a school system on behalf of a former administrator whose First Amendment rights were violated.
  • The firm won an appeal and settled a case on behalf of a former jailer who had been terminated by the sheriff in violation of her First Amendment rights.
  • The firm won a verdict in a sexual harassment case based on Equal Protection of the Laws against a sheriff’s department.
  • The firm won a case in the United States Supreme Court establishing the Constitutional right to a jury trial in certain labor cases.