Criminal Defense
Charlotte Criminal Defense Lawyers

Your rights are worth protecting.

At EMP, we understand that facing criminal charges can be confusing and frightening. And we have the experience, reputation and legal skills to defend your rights. We are prepared to help you in dealing with all criminal matters in State Court in Forsyth County and the surrounding area as well in Federal Court across the state of North Carolina.

Our criminal defense team handles all types of criminal cases and can give you advice on your case from start to finish, whether it results in a favorable plea bargain or whether we take it to trial. Whatever charges you are facing, let us help you protect your constitutional rights.

The EMP Law team can help with issues, concerns or charges related to the following:

  • White collar crimes such as welfare fraud, Medicaid fraud, bank fraud, or health care fraud
  • Burglaries, thefts, felony larceny, breaking and entering
  • Assaults from simple assault to major felony assault
  • Sexually based offenses
  • RICO charges
  • Drugs charges including major federal and state conspiracies, major drug trafficking and simple possession for drugs including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, oxycontin and other prescription medications
  • Firearm violations such as concealed weapon, possession of firearm by felon, federal firearm charges

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