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Major cases we have won for our clients.

EMP Scores Victory for Fired Police Officers

Employment Law

For almost 7 years, EMP has been honored to represent three outstanding men who served nobly as Mocksville police officers – Ken Hunter, Rick Donathan and Jerry Medlin.  The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth affirmed that the Town of Mocksville violated their First Amendment rights when it fired them for reporting abuses of power. In its opinion, the Court concluded that a decision against the officers “would sanction and encourage egregious attempts by local governments to insulate themselves from liability for unconstitutional policies…. This cannot be so.” At long last, the Town and its insurance company are responsible for plaintiffs’ damages.

Download Case File: Kenneth L. Hunter v. Town of Mocksville, NC

EMP Wins Appeal for Visually-Disabled Client Against Pharmaceutical Company

Employment Law

EMP  won an appeal for a visually-disabled pharmaceutical sales representative at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. The appeal held that a question of fact existed for the jury to decide about the “essential functions” of the sales representative’s job and whether she could effectively perform her job with reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. At the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed an amicus curiae brief in support of EMP’s client.

Another Client with DACA Freed From Detention

Immigration Law

EMP is pleased that ICE has released another of our DACA clients from custody at Stewart Detention Center.  Working with several agencies, EMP attorney Joseph Lambert successfully assisted this young person in returning home to family, getting criminal charges dismissed and ICE to agree to his release without need for a bond hearing.  This is Mr. Lambert’s third DACA client in recent months whom he has successfully helped return home to family after ICE had detained them.  “Representing individuals with DACA who are at risk of having their lives torn apart because of a deportation is an honor and a challenge,” said Mr. Lambert. “This is often the only country these individuals know and they have built their families here.  It is very gratifying to see them reunited with their children and loved ones.”

Wage Violations Case

Employment Law

The firm settled a class action lawsuit against a retail establishment alleging wage and hour violations in an amount in excess of $1,000,000

Sex Discrimation Case

Employment Law

The firm won a promotion and monetary relief through settlement for a female police officer of a City Police Department based on the laws against sex discrimination.

Retirement Benefits Case

Employment Law

EMP Law firm won a verdict in favor of a retired policeman who was denied his retirement benefits as a result of negligent misrepresentations of his employer.

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